“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu



Couples Treatment is designed to help two individuals transform their relationship into a lasting conscious source of respect, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, perseverance and wisdom to build a constructive conflict style.

My role as a Couples Therapist is to understand each of your desires, limits and truth. The goal is to discover what is causing the conflict and pain between the two of you. This pain might take the form of anger, sadness, fear, and feeling misunderstood or invisible. Most disagreements are rooted in fundamental differences of personality, values and inability to contain and think during conflict. Sometimes a relationship cannot be repaired. I can also assist you to find acceptance and closure.

As trust is built, communication skills will be taught that include the ability to understand each other’s opinions, desires, needs and ideas. These skills would include being able to  hear one another without blame, threats or criticism.

The goal of treatment is to
learn how to replace criticism, withdrawal, old behavior learned or modeled in childhood or unfinished issues from past relationships with conscious, respectful and connecting behavior. The healing process includes mutual growth, accountability, support and  a willingness to look at one's behavior that has created suffering in one's relationship. The most fundamental task with any couple is the ability to communicate and listen without reacting. The goal is to convert pent up frustration, anger and sadness into empathy and understanding.

Couples Treatment  can offer you the “aha” experience that  love is kind and tolerant of differences, and  that each individual has a responsibility for creating the quality of their relationship. A healthy partnership helps to create friendship, security, intimacy and pleasure.


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