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Jeanie Cohen M.A , LMFT
 Psychotherapist, Counselor

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Jeanie Cohen and I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in Woodland Hills.

Finding the right Psychotherapist is an important decision. I assist individuals and couples to have the courage to acknowledge and break through old behaviors, the courage to live ones truth and to embrace hope.

Traumatic experiences, communication impasses, ruptures, betrayals, and disconnection from oneself/ others can greatly affect the way that people experience their daily lives. Not only do images and feelings about an event continue to be haunting, people can also begin to feel more fragile, frightened, angry, lonely and  sad.

If you are lost, distressed, engage in harmful behaviors, have lost your curiosity, experience repetitive conflicts, want to reclaim your sense of purpose, and enrich your relationships, I can be of assistance to you.

My mission is to help create an environment that is emotionally safe to explore, repair  and to move through your pain.

My Website was created for you to read about the types of treatment I offer. All questions, concerns, consultations and appointments are welcome!

   Areas of Specialization: 

viñeta Individual Psychotherapy
viñeta Couples Psychotherapy
viñeta Group Therapy

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